Zoom on the trend of wooden objects

Zoom on the trend of wooden objects

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You may have noticed that the materials used by designers are no longer just plastic or metal, but that designers are now working with wood. Deciphering this trend which turns to the essential.

Back to basics

The Maison et Objet 2012 show set the tone: the decor must get back to basics! And that's good since the designers have just taken a natural turn when it comes to their creations. Indeed, metal lamps with sharp lines become objects that blend into nature by adorning themselves with wood as the one and only material in order to create a surprise. Bulwark against the crisis, the essential revives original materials for a more reassuring and warm decoration. Even the clean lines, the objects are no less gentle to look at.

Wooden objects invest your interiors

Note that the wooden design opens up new decorative possibilities. Indeed, these accessories will bring a warmer touch to refined interiors without making a false note but they will also integrate more easily into a more classic decoration. So, depending on your style, you will choose an articulated wooden lamp, an Ipod base that looks like a wooden block or a wooden clock in a very natural style. Consider using wood for everyday accessories so that they take on a certain nobility and character. In the kitchen, this trend is reflected for example by the choice of a wooden fruit basket or by the use of wooden cutting boards as a decorative object.