Painting hangs everything to customize any decorative object

Painting hangs everything to customize any decorative object

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Want to give the bathroom, office or old retro phone a facelift? The miracle remedy is called "paint hangs everything". Signed ideStyl, this industrial coating draws its strength from an innovative technology allowing it to revamp any piece of furniture or object without undercoating beforehand while guaranteeing them good performance. Discovery.

We adopt it, because it applies to everything

The first strong point of painting "hooks everything" is, as its name suggests, its ability to adapt to any type of support. From furniture to the radiator, from the window to the decorative objects, she customizes what we want. But that's not all ! In terms of surfaces and materials, it is just as tolerant, applying to steel, glass, plastic, resin, textiles, aluminum, formica, melamine… In short, everywhere! A great grip performance, especially as a bonus, we retain the ease of application. Indeed, only two layers are enough; no preliminary undercoat is necessary and drying is summed up in 4 hours. Difficult to make simpler in terms of customization!

We love it, because it comes in about fifty colors

After its versatile use, the other good reason to adopt the paint "hangs everything" lies in its variety of colors. And for good reason, it is within a range of 52 shades that we choose the color that will give a makeover to an object, a piece of furniture, or both. A very large extra-large choice which does not leave us indifferent… To discover more information on the painting "accroche tout", go to: