Raclette atmosphere and extreme cold at Tefal

Raclette atmosphere and extreme cold at Tefal

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New Tefal Raclette, its frosty side warms hearts! No sooner had I finished my article on the new 2012 squeegees that I discovered around a link that a new Tefal squeegee had just been released in a range called Ambiance. Tefal has taken up the ingenious idea of ​​Lagrange by offering a range of raclette machines while transparency thanks to a tray of tempered and screen-printed glass.

Raclette Tefal Ambiance: technical characteristics

Two models are already available including the RE 521116 device (see image above) which is therefore a new variant of the Tefal Simply Line Raclette and the RE 457116 (see image below, sorry for the torticollis) which is the big party version with friends since there are 10 pots available.
There are several clever tricks on these new Tefal raclette machines, in particular a storage system that allows you to clip the pots under the appliance for storage. We also appreciate the compatibility of the pots and the glass tray with the dishwasher (even if I have never managed to perfectly clean pots by passing them only in the dishwasher). For the rest, the operation remains fairly basic with an indicator light for heating, the vital minimum in short. We regret the only decorative function of the glass top since Lagrange for its part has successfully bet this year to offer a device with transparent squeegee but which keeps its grill function. However I find that the design is quite successful and that this Tefal raclette machine finally brings a young and dynamic side that is often lacking in this kind of product. Tefal Ambiance Raclette, 6 people, RE521116, from € 85 Tefal Ambiance Raclette, 10 people, RE457116, from € 85 And to make the most of your raclette machine, Tefal offers a list of recipes for changing. As a bonus, a video of the Raclette Ambiance Simply Line model that I was able to test at home.