Bharati show inspires Indian home decor

Bharati show inspires Indian home decor

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From 23 to 25 November 2012, the great Indian show Bharati returns to Paris to offer you 2 hours of travel to the end of the world. And to continue to enjoy it once at home, we put on an Indian decoration inspired by the world of the show.

The Bharati show

Inspired by the Bollywood universe, the Bharati show, Once upon a time in India… immerses us in the colorful and shimmering universe of traditional India. On the program, frescoes danced and sung to make you discover Indian culture and its treasures. Numerous dancers and actors follow one another to offer you a total change of scenery!

Bharati inspires decor

After the show, you will probably want to take a plane ticket to India but while waiting for your trip, the spirit of India settles in your interior to make you travel without leaving your home. As in the show, the key word of the decor will be color! We dare the warm and shimmering colors that will recall the sparkling saris of India. We recommend yellow, red, orange and pink to be mixed without moderation for an assumed Bollywood decor. Choose color on the walls, cushions on the sofa and colorful furniture because everything is allowed to bring the joy of the show to your interior. Our decorative tip: have two sheer colors on your windows by combining orange and fuchsia pink. When the light passes through the colored curtains, the atmosphere of your interior will take on its most beautiful colors.