Tim Burton's Halloween

Tim Burton's Halloween

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Last week, the master of the fantastic, Tim Burton, was at Disneyland Paris to celebrate not only Halloween but also his new film Frankenweenie , whose theatrical release is scheduled, of course, on October 31. Since then, we dream of a monstrous cinema break for D-Day, as well as a home decor imbued with its universe full of fantasy…

A Halloween decor like "The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack"

In the film saga signed Tim Burton, I call The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack ! The animated film most imbued with the spirit of Halloween, the success intact since its release in 1993, is indeed a sure bet in terms of inspiration to plant a decor of October 31 successful! If you have the costume of Jack or Sally, the two main characters, you can, rather than wear them, train them at the entrance of the house. Thus, it is they who welcome the hosts. Also remember to print the horrible heads of the characters in the film before fixing them behind each chair surrounding the table. A nice way to personalize the Halloween meal, black humor version ... As for the pumpkins to decorate, we cut them so as to create the head of Mr Jack from every angle: smiling, mean, sad ... A little wink to the film in which the most endearing skeleton changes head and shirt.

A Frankenweenie Halloween decor

Because Tim Burton's new feature film is in black and white, we in turn offer a mostly two-tone decor. The legendary orange of October thus gives way to a darker and more chic Halloween atmosphere. As for the film itself, why not print the heads of the characters starting with Victor and Sparky, to hang them on the wall? Improvising an ephemeral and terrifying photo gallery has never been easier… For information, from October 1 to November 4, 2012, the Disneyland Paris Halloween Festival welcomes the couple of Mr. Jack's strange Christmas… Find out more at: www.disneylandparis.fr