How to choose a key?

How to choose a key?

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Answer: the keys are divided into four different families.

The most common keys are notched flat keys. They operate locks with cylindrical pins. The cutting edge of the key is cut so as to block the pins of the lock causing the door to open. These keys are easily duplicable. Tubular keys open locks whose pins are placed circularly. These keys are used for anti-theft or secure mailboxes. Radial keys are keys whose stem is dotted with holes. The pins of the lock are housed in these holes to open the mechanism. They are used for entry doors. They are less easily duplicable than traditional keys. Finally, magnetic keys are developing more and more. The key is coded using the magnets it contains. The absence of an opening provides good protection against sabotage. But it is still possible to crack the code. Most hotel rooms have them. video id = "0" / Our practical decoration recovery videos


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