How to hang wallpaper in an entryway?

How to hang wallpaper in an entryway?

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Question from Jacqueline:


Answer: lay the first strip at an angle and continue laying

Hello Jacqueline, know, first of all, that the installation of a wallpaper requires technique! The wallpaper is cut into strips called strips. The laying of the first strip determines the sequence and must be perfectly vertical. If not, all other bands will be skewed. The laying of the first strip is generally done at an angle. Therefore at home you start along your front door for example. The strips are laid edge to edge: if you use plain or patterned wallpaper without a joint, you will not have to make the joints coincide between the neighboring panels. On the other hand if your wallpaper is with connection, you will take care that each strip is cut so as to connect with the neighboring strip. Note that for this type of wallpaper, the height of the fitting is on the roll. So when you cut a strip, there must be a scrap of paper corresponding to the height of the fitting. A word of advice: if you are a beginner in the installation of wallpaper, prefer non-woven or "non-woven" papers because they do not require prior gluing and are placed directly on the walls. You too, send us your decoration question