Meet the designer Chipie La Galette

Meet the designer Chipie La Galette

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A multifaceted creator, Véronique Pulby takes us into the world of "Chipie La Galette"

Who are you Véronique (alias "Chipie La Galette"?)

I used to say that I have little hands full of fingers. I like eclecticism in various creative fields. I draw my inspiration from old and contemporary things, I like to mix styles! Important, and I should have started with that, I'm getting more and more into an eco-design approach. I work with an association which recovers the surpluses of the industrialists of Lyon (silk, leather ...), thus saving them from the grab. It is as much an anti-consumerist approach as a recycling approach.

Where does your nickname "Chipie La Galette" come from?

It was my mom who called me that when I was fooling around. When the time came to choose my brand, it was obvious!

What are your favorite techniques?

They are numerous: the diversion of objects, the creation of lighting, the upholstery, creative sewing (patchwork, stencil painting, weaving of original materials ...). I like to go back to old and retro materials. And above all, I love the staging!

Where can we meet you?

On the local and regional creation markets (Editor's note: Chipie La Galette is from Lyon), and also at my home where I receive by appointment. You can contact me from my Facebook page.

Where can we find your creations?

On my shop A Little Market Chipie La Galette. My creations are also offered until the end of 2012 at The Traveller's Workshop , a small shop located in Saint-Rémy de Provence. Find out more! Discover the Chipie La Galette website


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