Laundry room: how to arrange the room dedicated to laundry?

Laundry room: how to arrange the room dedicated to laundry?

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If you live in a house, you may be lucky enough to be able to dedicate a room to the laundry room. Know that this is a real asset provided you know how to furnish and decorate your laundry room. To help you in this endeavor, we offer a quick overview of the mistakes to avoid in this room.

Don't choose the floor at random

The choice of the floor of the laundry room is essential because it is a particular room which must be able to be cleaned with ease. On the other hand, you are not immune to water damage due to a faulty washing machine. Also, remember to equip yourself with a particularly waterproof floor such as tiles that will not fear water and that will be very easy to clean. And it is not because you opt for tiling that you should turn to the traditional white. Today, tiling plays imitations and offers very beautiful imitation concrete or parquet finishes to give character to your interior while retaining the practicality of tiling.

Don't neglect the devices

In the laundry room, the appliances are a bit like the furniture in the room. Also, you will have to take into account two criteria in order to choose them. First, prioritize technical performance. We will bet on a washing machine and a tumble dryer of energy class A + minimum in order to preserve the environment and reduce your electricity bill. Also remember to choose silent devices that correspond to your lifestyles (large capacity for families, delayed start or short cycle to match your schedule). Then, remember that it is your devices that will dress the room so bet on aesthetic devices instead. You will find models that display shiny black, flaming red or other colors and very designer shapes. Try as much as possible to choose a washer and dryer in a similar color to create a unit.

Do not set aside storage

After the household appliances, it is the arrangements which are to be evaluated in priority. In fact, you will need to think about installing enough shelves and boxes to store your linens and cleaning products. You can thus bet on a wardrobe for the laundry and install a shelf near the washing machine to have laundry on hand. Finally, do not forget to install a dirty laundry basket for storing laundry before going to the washing machine. Having everything on hand will save you from having to go back and forth.

Don't forget the decor

Finally, to keep the laundry room a pleasant space, do not hesitate to make this space more decorative. Choose a nice color for the walls and decorate the room with stickers that evoke the world of linen. You will also find decorations for washing machine to personalize your space a little. Also make sure to light the room well so that your visit is pleasant.