Mistakes to Avoid in a Room Divided into Two Separate Spaces

Mistakes to Avoid in a Room Divided into Two Separate Spaces

Due to lack of space, we are often forced to bring together in a single room, two separate spaces: the baby's room and that of the parents, the room of the brothers and sisters or the office in the living room. A few golden rules are necessary for these separate arrangements so that their halves make good household together. Small summary.

Baby's room / parents: avoid the infiltration of noise and light

The difficulty when you have housed the baby's cozy nest close to the parents' bed is not to disturb their sleep (the reverse is inevitable), both by noise and by light. The absence of a half partition between the cradle and the bed is therefore to be avoided! Thanks to a curtain or a large screen, it is indeed easier to isolate the cocoon of the infant from the possible noise emitted by the television or by discussions of mom and dad. A choice that will also have the advantage of cutting off the light emitted by the bedside lamps!

Sibling room: we avoid playing it "unique decor"

On the side of brothers and sisters sharing the same room, the main error to avoid is to fall into a scheme of a unique decor while it often concerns two separate people, sometimes of different sexes. So that everyone finds their place and appropriates their space, it is better to personalize it in two stages. We can for example paint 50% of the room in pink, the other in blue, or paste on one half, dotted wallpaper and on the other striped wallpaper. But the walls are not the only ones to express the belonging of each child or teenager to their space. You can also count on the furniture to achieve this: two identical beds of different colors or desks customized by each other's care. As for decorative accessories, such as blinds, curtains or curtains separating the bedroom in two, they actively participate in this 50/50 demarcation, which is hard to do without!

Office in the living room: we avoid breaking the aesthetics of the room

When the workspace has no other alternative than being housed in the living room, it would be wrong to enhance it. On the contrary, to avoid breaking the decorative harmony of this room, the central pivot of the house, it is better to adopt the discretion and camouflage option so that the office is completely forgotten. The ideal? Invest in a console with a flap, a shelf like a wall shelf or a wardrobe with a sliding desk that you pull as if it were a drawer. Furniture that allows the workspace to blend in perfectly with the decor when not in use. The other practical and discreet tip? Set up right next to him, a library in which binders and invoices mix, neither seen nor known, with family books. Thus, despite the extreme discretion of the office, we keep everything necessary at hand to be able to settle in as if it were a dedicated space in its own right.