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Bruno's kitchen

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. COOKE & LEWIS Epura gray kitchen Available within 15 days The modernity of a trendy gray tint, ultra-gloss lacquered facades, a refined style translated by the absence of handles thanks to the clever integrated grip.  Front with integrated grip  Drawers and pans fitted with the closing brake mechanism for soft and automatic closing at the end of the race  Full opening drawers  4 colors available: white, gray, black, walnut. Doors and drawer sides in MDF (Fibreboard) coated with polymer, th. 19 mm. Sold without handle. A self-assembly. 15 year warranty. COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA Find the 30 models of the ranges To design your kitchen for free online? The CASTO 3D KITCHEN design tool suggests ideal locations, already integrating standards, constraints, functional and practical logic, in order to offer you a complete, optimized and turnkey project. To learn how to build your own kitchen, THE PACK GET STARTED "MAKE A KITCHEN" . Advice, tips and a list of tools to properly prepare your project, step-by-step videos and an easel booklet to take to the site so as not to be mistaken. Need a helping hand to build your kitchen? Think of the Troc'h heures! The 1st DIY support platform for exchanging know-how and time between individuals to learn DIY together. COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA URANUS designer black bar stool MILIBOO Customization of furniture doors Résinence Color and Deco range: no more dust and rubble Decorative resin "without underlay", suitable for all supports. : tiles, parquet floors, marbles, earthenware,… and all surfaces to revamp your walls, floors, sanitary furniture, credenzas and work surface. Economic solution 1- I color: Application of Résinence Color Noir using a foam roller. 2- I resin: Application of Résinence Deco finish resin Wall & Furniture Matt aspect. Do not throw your furniture away, give them a new life Resinence // Find us in store: // For the creation of the high table: Casters with brakes WEBER METALS & PLASTICS


. COOKE & LEWIS Worktop Solid Oak -L. 180 x l. 65 cm - th. 38 mm In solid oak (from Poland). Ref. 58 53 48. COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA To learn how to lay a work plan, discover the video step by step. //


. Stone leaf Ref: ARKOBALENTO Gray Slate Lite Sheets, Can be applied almost everywhere: floor, walls, doors, furniture, exterior facades. Light & flexible, innovative natural stone coating, for decoration and renovation. Slate Lite Sheets are a great way to cover old tiles in showers and bathrooms ... SLATE LITE


. 2 bottle lamps Ref: LHJ705001 COMING B Facebook: // Floor lamp Atom H 21 60 W Chrome CASTORAMA 8 PUSH'ON adhesive LED lamps Black / White / Silver LP545 XANLITE


. STOVES BABY RICHMOND 550 Cooking Piano Black This piano, designed for small spaces, is equipped with a ceramic hob and two electric ovens including an electric oven with natural convection with grill function and an electric oven with ventilated convection. A flap in cast aluminum with integrated chrome handle finishes dressing this piano. Digital timer, beveled doors, patented Pristine® enamel. Dimensions L55.2 x D60.2 x H90-91.5 (adjustable feet) cm. GLEN DIMPLEX France Tel: 01 69 11 11 91 Toaster vision Black Multifunction robot 5200 XL Premium Citrus juicer Centrifuge Duo plus XL Black Blender Black MAGIMIX


. Vinyl floor "TWEED LIGHT GRAY" Primetex Unis & Design range - Easy, economical and fast installation: No preparation of support, no glue! - Ideal for renovation: Adapts to all floors and masks the roughness of the existing floor thanks to its textile backing! - Easy maintenance and anti-allergic: A little soapy water and the floor is impeccable and hygienic! GERFLOR Universal double-sided adhesive, for fixing carpets and different materials. Here used for laying vinyl - Multifunction: to fix carpets on different surfaces, for manual work and decoration - Can be cut by hand - Type of adhesive mass: synthetic rubber - Support: BOPP TESA


. 4 Slate Plates 4 Slate Dessert Plates Crazy Salad Bowl Slate with wooden cutlery Also serves as a champagne bucket or utensil pot Flat Slate Basket Also serves as a cheese platter or appetizer. Slate bottle with its anti drip stopper, transforms into an oil bottle. TERAFEU TERAFOUR 1690, rte d'Orthez - 40360 TILH - FRANCE T / + 33 (0) 5 58 55 3160 & F / + 33 (0) 5 58 89 84 Contact France: [email protected] & [email protected] .com Export contact: [email protected]TWENTY 4 white wine glass TWENTY4 white wine glasses are the ultimate accessory for any good wine tasting !!! With its design and its refined forms they will make a sensation on your table… TWENTY 4 glass TWENTY 4 water glasses are very easy to handle thanks to their organic curve. Very precious in appearance, they are in fact very resistant! THE PELICAN


. Rosemary aromatic pocket LEGUBOPO3 COUVBOHA8 storage box 1 COUVLIT08 skimmer tea towel 1 COUVLITO4 whisk tea towel 2 QUARLISA5 "Knife - Small spoon" placemats 2 QUARLISA7 "Fork" placemat GRAIN OF COLOR // Apron best cooker gray DO68 - C120085 Glove best cooker gray DO16 - C120030 Gentle potholder gray DO16 - C120035 BEHIND THE DOOR


. Best cooker spoon rest PO58- M010340 BEHIND THE DOOR Kitchen hook Skimmer Ref: DIA730008 Kitchen hook Rape Cheese Ref: DIA730005 COMING B Facebook: // 1 shellfish tong F06651 1 carafe F00393 1 trash can F89050 1 condiment ring F92850 1 hanging bar F91050 4 hooks 2 green 2 black F90039 2 suction hooks F90252 1 sink mat F88400 1 green apron size L 15022 1 green pot holder F83239 1 green clip timer F77840 1 green scale F6439 1 steamer F70008 1 small saucepan F63672 1 siphon for foam F48814 1 green ice cream scoop F47039 1 cookie press F38000 1 baking tray F45000 1 lime press F 33208 1 green wringer F31268 1 black salt mill F28100 1 lots of 3 bowls F29253 1 lot of spray F27352 1 cheese mill F21450 1 pair of herb scissors F24207 1 cutting board F23000 black 1 steel clamp F16839 1 green spatula F10208 1 half green spatula F10339 1 green whisk 12239 1 black spatula F10400 1 green brush F 13008 1 pear with green sauce F13939 // 1 black spoon re F15000 1 green turner F15339 1 green turner shovel F15539 1 black fish turner 15400 MASTRAD


. MANHATTAN BUILDING fridge magnet FUNNYDOORS Capone best cooker notebook DO84 - P150010 BEHIND THE DOOR SMA DIFFUSION syrup Add color to your kitchen with the sublime collection of SMA DIFFUSION syrups… SMA DIFFUSION Salt & Pepper Set Discover a new generation of designer glass spice mills in trendy colors that will bring a current note to your kitchen. The very practical shape and the large capacity of these salt mills make them durable and easy to use items! THE PELICAN Candles: P90125 Candle holder 3 wicks Holiday Charm P95468 Candle gardens Sapin des Neiges G34552 Candle pot 3 wicks Sapin des Neiges VO4552 Tealight candles G41538 Nature's Light by PartyLite By the fire G26123 Candle pot GloLite by PartyLite Glazed fruits PARTYLITE


. Custom blinds with aluminum slats A650 Create your custom blinds HERE MADECO


. Atelier ni tapas poster 40 x 50 cm Petit Dej Atelier poster 40 x 50 cm Black Alu accent frames CASTORAMA Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Velvet Satin - GREEN Dulux Valentine Paint - Color Cream - BLACK DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin High Temp Black Paint Spray WEBER METALS & PLASTICS