What color to choose in a mixed children's room?

What color to choose in a mixed children's room?

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In order to avoid color clichés: pink for girls and blue for boys, choose sparkling and original colors for a mixed children's room. Both girl and boy, the bedroom must reflect a feeling of cheerfulness and lively joy. The colors give the opportunity to create a universe that is both playful and colorful in order to awaken children's imaginations and stimulate their creativity.

Green and blue in the child's room

In green and blue tones, the child's bedroom is transformed into an ideal place for discovery and fun. Now, the color green invites itself into the room to offer an amazing and invigorating mixture. Green gives the possibility to vary on the walls and on the bed linen more or less clear tones according to the desires of your child. Combined with blue, green expresses all its dynamism. In vegetal and original shades, the variation of cold colors warms the atmosphere and creates a room with delicate and harmonious accents. From water green to dark green or even flashy, this shade can be integrated into a retro, modern or pop style depending on taste.

A colorful children's room

Give a touch of pop and a pop air to your decoration in a mixed children's room by choosing bright colors like orange, yellow and red. These flashy shades perfectly dress a mixed children's room to bring to the tribe a touch of vitamin and original colors. To inject color in a mixed children's room, opt for brightly colored paint, here and there, by touch. Choose to paint the doors orange and the window frames yellow. For furniture, adopt a colorful desk: orange, red or yellow. In the same spirit, match the chairs with the desk and choose a bed linen with geometric patterns in bright colors. The colors and shapes stimulate the imagination of children.

Soft colors in the child's room

For a feeling of well-being and tranquility in the child's bedroom, choose neutral and soothing tones. Give your children the opportunity to sleep in a soft and warm cocoon. The neutral colors will give an intimate style to the room while promoting the child's rest. To do this, play on shades of gray, beige or taupe. Side walls, choose gray. For bed linen, contrast with a duvet cover of a darker shade. On the floor, opt for a beige carpet. This variation of sweet notes makes it possible to create a mixed children's room in a vintage and refined spirit.


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