Bamboo regains its nobility with Ekobo

Bamboo regains its nobility with Ekobo

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Founded in 2003, the eco-citizen brand Ekobo launched a veritable ecological surge in the world of the house! The French brand, in harmony with its deep convictions, first designed a collection of tableware made of bamboo by hand, before expanding its catalog to other home accessories. By putting this unjustly forgotten plant back on the front of the stage, Ekobo has cleverly combined design and renewable material. A success for the French company, which has since become a benchmark in traditional tableware, brought up to date. Immerse yourself in the green attitude!

The love of matter

Ekobo's story is above all a love story. Love of plants - bamboo in mind - but also love of travel for the couple Bruno and Boo Louis who had the idea of ​​creating Ekobo. She is American, he is French, and they are both fond of distant horizons. It is however in Paris that they meet after their studies and their different trips, and it is in the capital that their project will take shape. The first line of ethical and ecological design was born in 2003, thought by Bruno and drawn by Boo. Vietnamese artisans collaborate directly with the brand, without going through other intermediaries, and work the formidable renewable material that is bamboo. The latter not only grows extremely fast, but it does not require any pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides, and regenerates naturally. It can be harvested every 3 years, without weakening the ecosystem. This plant therefore fits perfectly into a logic of sustainable development and provides an answer to the deforestation of the planet! By a system of traditional glue-laminated technique, the thin bamboo strips are cut with a machete and then wound in a spiral. Glue from the breadfruit tree and bamboo sawdust is then used to join them together; then the object is sanded, polished and painted by hand, before being wrapped in its recycled packaging!

A colorful collection

But what can we find in the Ekobo catalog? First of all, a wide choice of bowls, salad bowls, plates and cutlery in raw, painted or varnished bamboo. The shapes are design for an always very natural result, flirting with the Scandinavian lines with such a refined look. A range of tableware "To share" was also imagined by the designers of Ekobo, to present their aperitifs in a very current way. In terms of storage and organization of the house, the brand offers a range of inventive and colorful accessories. From the laundry basket to the knife holders and the pencil pots, Ekobo products display tonic tones totally in tune with the times. The decoration department conceals very playful bamboo seats, for young and old, but also low tables or stackable trays. Everything is to be discovered urgently on!