What color to match with burgundy?

What color to match with burgundy?

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A feminine interior with powder pink

A combination of colors certainly classic, but frighteningly effective.

The dark shades of burgundy soften on contact with the softness of powder pink. If you want an elegant and feminine decoration in your bedroom or living room, these are the two colors to adopt.

The important thing is to balance the use of the two colors. Choose burgundy or powder pink as the dominant color in your room, and use the other color for the details (decorative items, small furniture, textiles, etc.).

A baroque atmosphere with black

For an elegant and baroque interior, opt for black furniture and burgundy painted walls. The combination of the two colors creates a cozy and refined setting.

To accentuate the baroque spirit of the room, opt for materials such as velvet or metal for your furniture.

However, be sure to create this universe in a sufficiently bright room, otherwise it will darken more.

A bohemian decor with blue

In the palette of dark and warm colors, burgundy or raspberry goes perfectly with cooler colors like blue. With the exception of navy blue.

The combination of burgundy and turquoise blue is bold. It brings pep's to your interior, which reminds in particular of English cottages and their shabby chic decoration.

If you prefer a more chic and discreet interior, think of blue gray. In textiles as in furniture, it is a color that goes perfectly with burgundy.

To avoid having an interior that is too colorful, it is preferable to have a third, more neutral shade such as white or beige.

A decoration contrasted with beige or white

Contrast the burgundy with lighter shades like beige or white. This strengthens the atypical side of Bordeaux and gives it even more character.

This combination of colors is particularly suitable for a bedroom. You can paint or choose burgundy wallpaper to create a headboard. The other walls of the room painted in white or beige will bring softness to the whole.

Take inspiration from this combination of colors to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose bed linen in burgundy shades, to combine with a lighter set or with floral patterns.

Art deco spirit with gold

You will have noticed this during your shopping decoration: golden brass is everywhere. Art deco inspiration has returned to our interiors, for our greatest pleasure.

Golden brass goes perfectly with burgundy. It illuminates this warm color and reinforces its chic appearance. It is the perfect combination for a modern decoration inspired by art deco.

This combination of colors is suitable for both a bedroom and a living room. Whether it comes at the end of the sofa, in lighting or in wall decoration, it is impossible not to succumb to golden brass.

You can also use this color combination for other rooms in the house. For a chic office, paint the walls in burgundy and install gold metal furniture such as shelves or chairs.

Industrial inspiration with metallic gray

Another major decorative trend: the industrial. If you want an industrial-inspired interior that is a bit original, consider combining gray (metallic, concrete, etc.) with burgundy.

Burgundy is mainly used on walls or decorative objects: cushions, carpets, light fixtures ... As for furniture, opt for industrial type chairs in metal, a wrought iron table, shelves of industrial inspiration or many more industrial pieces of furniture.

To further accentuate the industrial aspect of your decor, you can repaint a brick wall in a burgundy or terracotta shade. The latter goes perfectly with Bordeaux.

The industrial style often has a slightly cold or masculine appearance. Bordeaux comes here to wake him up and give him a warmer touch.