In drawing: make a magnetic memo for the kitchen

In drawing: make a magnetic memo for the kitchen

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Here is a drawing tutorial for decorating your kitchen… and as spring has finally arrived, we are putting on a sparkling and gourmet decor with this magnetic kitchen memo, which in addition to being beautiful, will be very useful if your head full of things to think about! This project was designed so that you can make yourself and the decorative support and the small magnets that will go on it. This is why, before or after this DIY, think about creating your magnetic macaroons thanks to the dedicated drawing tutorial: "Pretty magnetic macaroons for the decoration of the refrigerator". So you will have created your gourmet cooking memo from A to Z! Here is what you need to make this magnetic memo: - a plywood board 30 x 30 cm - a hand saw and something to sand, if your wooden board must be put in the right format - a wide brush or a small paint roller - magnetic paint - masking tape - acrylic paint of several colors (light gray, red, pink, light brown ...) - "greedy" stencils (those used in the tutorial are Pébéo-Setacolor brand, but it's up to you to find the patterns you like!) - poaching brushes - a fine paintbrush - relief paint (optional)


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