Focus on Christmas balls

Focus on Christmas balls

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Each year, decorating the Christmas tree is a no-brainer for everyone: there will be garlands and Christmas balls. But do you know where this tradition comes from and why this decoration is universally shared? Discover the history of Christmas balls which looks a bit like a magic tale to tell at the foot of the tree. In the 19th century, the custom wanted that the decoration of the tree was carried out with fruits, in particular apples because they symbolized thus the tree of paradise. Alas, in 1858, the winter was so harsh and the harvest so bad that the East of France, where this tradition was very well established, was deprived of these natural ornaments. A glass craftsman from Goetzenbruck, in Alsace, then had the idea of ​​repairing this injustice by blowing a few glass balls to replace the apples. This novelty was immediately adopted and soon spread throughout the world. Around 1880, Christmas baubles cross the Atlantic and then experience the same success in the United States and Canada. At the end of the 19th century, these decorations were then blown inside molds, which made it possible to vary the shapes. In 1892, the hook above the ball was invented to allow better hanging on the tree and it was in 1913, in the United States, that the suspension ring and its metal capsule was born, a hook still used. Nowadays. In 2012, the christmas ball is still part of our traditions. There are those who preciously keep their decorations from year to year and which have even been passed on by previous generations, and those who take advantage of a new Christmas to always innovate with current colors and varied shapes. If the glass ball is still popular, we are reassured by the plastic Christmas ball which prevents tragic drops, especially when the children are in the game. Finally, you can also decorate your tree with transparent balls in which you will have enclosed treats or small gifts.


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