A decorative object for the living room, as a Christmas gift

A decorative object for the living room, as a Christmas gift

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There are only a few days left before giving and receiving your Christmas gifts but you still have not finished shopping and above all you are lacking in inspiration! Each year it's the same thing, we love to please by offering a gift but we always care about the other, will this gift please him? It is for this reason that we advise you to bet on decorative objects for the living room that will appeal to the greatest number. These will match each interior. Here is our selection of objects for the living room, less than 50 euros:

Gifts that we will always appreciate

The gift that we will never tire of is the photo frame: we always have photos of family or friends in our drawers and not enough frames to highlight them! We advise you to take it in natural colors such as silver, white, wood or black in order to find its place in any living room! The "plus" is that it will be aimed at women as well as men! On the other hand, the vase will be rather to offer to a woman, it is well known it is they who receive flowers! Otherwise we advise you to please with pretty candle jars, they can be found on a piece of furniture as well as on a table during a dinner. Finally, why not offer a lamp in shades of white? It will be sober but elegant. In addition, there will always be a place in the living room to accommodate it: on a table, near a sofa for reading or of course a shelf.

Useful gifts

There is a second option, these are decorative objects that are of great use and that we do not always have at home. For example, for those who like tea or coffee, offer them a tea or capsule box. Otherwise why not offer a magazine rack? We all have magazines or newspapers in our living room that we like to keep and especially that we don't know where to put them. This is an opportunity to offer it to someone or take a nice storage pocket which will be of great use since we tend to store our keys, a pen ... in different places and that the 'you never find anything! This will make life easier and more decorative!Our additional advice: you will have a wide choice for each of these items. In order not to be mistaken, we advise you to stay on sober lines as well as colors that are easy to mix with others: white, beige, brown or black!