Interventions in the public domain

Interventions in the public domain

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It is sometimes necessary to encroach on the public domain to make a connection or to cut down its facade. What are your duties to remain legal and what are the steps to take? The point on what you need to know.

Install scaffolding or skip

To install scaffolding on public property, you must request a road permit from the town hall. The occupation of the public domain gives rise to the payment of a fee. If the work is carried out by a company, it will include the tax and the installation costs in its estimate. Make sure that the scaffolding does not obstruct access to the gas, electricity, sewer, etc. networks. Likewise, pedestrian and car traffic should not be obstructed. The authorization is granted for a given period. If the scaffolding stays in place longer than expected, you will need to request it and pay additional fees. Similarly, if you want to install a skip to remove rubble, for example, you will need to ask for roadway permission. No doubt you will be asked to pay a fee beyond one day of parking. Its amount as well as the procedural deadline to be respected are fixed by the municipal road regulations. Remember to request the form ten days before the start of work.

Connections to gas and electricity networks

Only the concessionaires in charge of network management can work on the gas, electricity and water networks. For gas and electricity, you must contact the distribution system operator or the supplier of your choice. To commission the natural gas installation, you must present a certificate of conformity for its indoor installation, have chosen a gas supplier and concluded a contract with it. An electrician or a plumber can only work on the installation inside the home. It is the network operator who will carry out or subcontract the necessary work on the public domain and will invoice you for the costs. To connect a new construction to the electricity network, you must contact ERDF or another supplier. You will then be asked to provide specific documents: site plan, information on the access (es) from the site to the public thoroughfare, certificate of conformity from the electricity company that carried out the work inside, etc. About ten days later, you will receive a connection proposal with a description of the technical solution chosen, the list of preliminary work to be carried out on the property before ERDF's intervention, a quote and the amount of the deposit to be paid. . For a gas connection, the process is the same. If the municipality is served by natural gas, in 95% of cases, it will be necessary to contact Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF). In other cases, the municipality's network manager is a local distribution company. You can obtain information from the town hall to obtain contact details or consult the supplier search engine by postal code.

Water connection

The owner of the land to be serviced must contact the town hall so that it informs him about the steps to follow. The municipal services may in particular communicate to it the list of administrative documents to be provided (location plan of the municipality, etc.) to formulate its connection request. The procedure varies from one municipality to another. Some take care of the construction and maintenance of the network and then the distribution of water, others call on an outside company like Véolia. The town hall will send you the contact details of the competent water supply company to make the connection. The works can start once the town hall has issued the authorization to open the trenches. Once the administrative formalities have been completed, a quote for the work is drawn up by the water supplier. These connection costs are borne by the owner. Their amount depends on the location of the land, its distance from the networks and the distance between the boundaries of the property and the construction itself. Most often, the amount of these costs varies between 800 and 1000 euros.

Create a boat

Creating a boat to access private property involves modifying the public space. For this, as for certain other works, it is necessary to fill an official document called "Request for permission or authorization of roadway, parking permit, or authorization to undertake works" (Cerfa n ° 14023 * 01) .