Meet the creators of Number 74

Meet the creators of Number 74

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Nancy (Italian) and Poupy (French) are cousins. They live between France, Italy, Ibiza and Thailand and invite you to discover their original brand around an encounter.

Tell us about your background

Poupy, my cousin, took care of a special event agency for children for 10 years. And then she opened stores dedicated to birthdays! I (Nancy) worked in fashion. We launched the number 74 brand 3 years ago… after the birth of my children.

How was your brand born?

When I gave birth to my twins, Giovanni and Alessandro, Poupy, my French cousin asked me to arrange their room. We wanted beautiful, old, but we did not find our happiness. So, Poupy said to me: "Drop it, I'm going to hunt for real vintage furniture, and I'm even going to knit the blankets that go with it!". This is how N ° 74 was born.

Your furniture and decorative items are inspired by furniture of yesteryear, why this choice?

The starting point of the adventure was the vintage style and it remains the trademark of Number 74. But Number 74 is also a wide range of textiles. An ethical approach. Authentic products. To guarantee the quality of our products, we ensure a confident and demanding presence throughout the manufacturing process, from the choice of colors, fabrics, techniques… until delivery. All our textiles are made in Thailand, by experienced craftsmen and women's cooperatives. Poupy has also "fallen in love" with Thailand and the Thais.

What is your favorite creation? Why ?

Our little metal camp bed. We love its adorable small size, the metal worked by hand, and its hand-dyed woven cotton canvas ... I love it!

You also offer a "secondhand corner", how do you select the objects?

Our primary vocation is to find vintage design pieces in reduced size around the world. Rarity is our greatest motivation!

What is your advice for fitting out a child's bedroom?

Mix nice old toys and more modern games. Create a corner with a carpet of cushions on the floor to encourage your child to read and be in contact with the ground. To reduce the height in certain places to a more childlike size, we will bet on things suspended from the ceiling like garlands, mobiles, gliders ... And so that the room is practical for adults and children, we opt for trunks or old boxes under the bed to tidy up the room in 2 seconds.

What are your next decoration projects?

Suspensions, words to hang on the wall and maybe a few small pieces, a wooden stool table ... currently in Chiang Mai in full creation ... To find all the universe of the brand, visit the site www.numero74. com