I put mosaic on a concrete block wall

I put mosaic on a concrete block wall

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Dressing a concrete block wall is sometimes difficult. Why not exercise your talent by making a mosaic? If you are a beginner, start with a decor without specific reason.

Step 1 - I choose the materials for my mosaic

To make my mosaic, I take the remains of tiles or broken dishes, enamels, glass, ceramics ... We must be careful to choose materials of similar thickness, because this will facilitate installation.

Step 2 - I prepare my tools

To put mosaic on a concrete block wall, you need tile adhesive, or joint cement, mosaic pliers, a tray to prepare the cement, a solid bag, a hammer, a spatula. It is best to wear gloves when working with cements and glues.

Step 3 - I choose my colors

For a first try, I do not try to draw precise. I choose abstract shapes and I harmonize the colors.

Step 4 - I prefer small pieces

The smaller the pieces, the more I can adapt the shapes to my liking! But the longer the work ... I put the dishes or the tiles in a bag (in jute for example) and I hit several times with a hammer. I get irregular shapes and different sizes. These are called tesserae.

Step 5 - I adjust the tesserae

Depending on the shape I want to get, I sometimes have to cut some pieces. To be more precise, I use pliers.

Step 6 - I prepare the glue

I pour the mortar into the tank provided for this purpose and I mix it with the amount of water indicated on the supplier's package in order to obtain the desired consistency. I mix with a spatula. Some mortars are ready to use. Whatever the material chosen, I only prepare a small quantity at a time in the tank in order to avoid too rapid setting which would render the cement unusable.

Step 7 - I double glue

Double gluing consists of gluing the wall, then the piece of mosaic.
In order to hold, the glue must be placed on a perfectly clean wall.

Step 8 - I lay the tesserae

I proceed to the installation of tesserae. It's a delicate moment, but I will soon see the result of my work! When the tesserae are very small, some people use tweezers to perform a precise pose. We will have to decide on the gap I will leave between two tesserae. Very fine joints are obtained with meticulous work. Larger gaps can be filled with a finishing joint.

Step 9 - I insert ceramic tiles and millefiori

When I insert whole ceramic tiles, I make sure to place them at the edge. Otherwise it is necessary to favor irregular pieces to remain in the general harmony.
On the other hand, it is possible to add sparingly millefiori which will give an original touch to the decor.

Step 10 - I install the finishing joint

Once the cement is dry, I finish with a finishing joint that harmonizes the work. This joint can be white or colored. I can also make a lime joint. I spread it with a special rubber spatula. I finish by passing a sponge soaked in water to clean the tesserae.