Alert, unusual dishes!

Alert, unusual dishes!

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2013 resolution in the kitchen? Choose unusual dishes! Direction "Pied de Poule", a brand that lacks neither humor nor style and whose specialty is precisely to twister our different meals of the day ... Zoom on 3 of its absolutely biting collections.

Collection of bowls… teasing

The chic and wise porcelain overflow had led us to boredom. But that was before ! Before Pied de Poule presents "the family is having fun", its range of Breton bowls, traditional ... in form only. Because on each of them rests inscriptions as hilarious as sarcastic intended to evoke all the members of the family: unworthy father, queen mother, the darling, child king, stepmother, the lover, inlay, added piece. Irony, teasing or pure derision, this game of 7 families welcoming breakfasts and dinners, is, in any case, to be taken in the second degree!

Collection of chemistry laboratory glasses

The brand's other emblematic range? A collection called "magic potion" aimed at diverting from traditional laboratory glassware, erlen, beaker and flask, in a coffee cup, water glass, wine, cocktail or carafe! What makes us crack is that each of these instruments has an original name: love potion, elixir of youth, perlimpinpin water, magic potion of drunkenness, relax or explosive ...

Collection of funny plates

With the small brand that is rising, humor also attacks the plates. Proud to display inscriptions such as: no added sugar, no preservative, no coloring or flavoring agent, the porcelain plates tickle our desires for hearty and high-calorie dishes! For more information, visit: