Mistakes to avoid in order not to take risks in the bathroom

Mistakes to avoid in order not to take risks in the bathroom

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The bathroom is above all a place of relaxation where you take care of yourself, but it can unfortunately very quickly turn into a place of nightmare if you are not vigilant enough about the various domestic risks that can arise there. Whether it is you or your children, the bathroom can be dangerous if we take no precautions, so give priority to your safety and that of yours and avoid missteps…

Do not use or leave hanging electrical devices plugged in next to the bath

There are no surprises and we all know that water and electricity do not mix! Also not worth taking unnecessary risks. When someone in your family takes a bath, avoid using an electric appliance (a hairdryer or an electric razor for example) next to it. An uncontrolled slip, an unfortunate gesture and you could well electrocute your bathing companion ... Your children are even more prone to domestic accidents so be careful. Be sure to unplug your electrical devices after use and do not leave them close to the smallest.

Don't neglect your electrical installation

More generally, the electrical installation in your bathroom must be impeccable to avoid this kind of danger: your entire electrical system must comply with standards; no bare electrical wire, well insulated switches, well protected sockets, to avoid the little fingers lying around… and you will already avoid many domestic accidents in your bathroom.

Don't overlook the risk of falls and burns

To limit falls and nasty accidents due to slipping on wet tiles, consider non-slip bath mats inside and out of the bathtub and shower. Your children should not be left alone in the bathtub and on the changing table. At 2 or 3 years old, when you fall into the bath, you don't necessarily manage to raise your back on your own, the risk of drowning is indeed present even with only 20 cm of water… and if it turns around from the changing table and falling on the tiles, the consequences can be dramatic. A burn also happened very quickly. Use a thermometer when you run a bath, provide a tap protector to avoid burns. More generally, think of using thermostatic mixing valves and intelligently regulate your water heater: is it necessary that it heats the water to more than 50 degrees?

Do not leave any medication, cosmetic, or sharp object close to your child

In a bathroom, there is really something to get intoxicated. It is first of all very often the place where the medicines are stored, so instead of storing them in a drawer close to the little ones, provide rather a medicine cabinet with keys! Face creams, perfumes, shower gels and other shampoos are also not edible ... so just plan shelves high that little hands will not reach! Finally, the nail scissors, the metal files, the razors and all these small accessories very practical for our toilet but very sharp for the little fingers must be carefully stored after use, preferably in locked drawers or places inaccessible for children ...