A gray decor but not sad!

A gray decor but not sad!

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If the weather turns gray and this is really not good news, in decoration the gray spends the winter with elegance! Color cocooning or color of all contrasts, gray is your ally throughout the house. Demonstration with our gray shopping for winter!

Gray, the cocooning color of winter

Contrary to what one might think, it is not because we do not like the gray sky that we do not like the gray decor. On the contrary, this color is ideal for winter because it is synonymous with softness provided you choose the shade and the materials that bring it into the house. We will for example bet on a very soft mouse gray, which we will apply on even softer materials such as velvet on a cushion or faux fur on a plaid. To finish warming the mood, a few candles are sure to highlight the nuances of the shade.

Gray, to play with contrasts

And if you want a little dynamism, gray is also a great ally because it will allow you to highlight stronger colors by a clever play of contrasts! Thus, a gray wall section will bring out red accessories, while a gray sofa will perfectly accommodate very colorful cushions that will enhance the decor. In this configuration, we put on a matt and frank gray which tends rather to a slate tone to favor the bold contrasts. As for associations, do not hesitate to bet on very bright colors such as fluorescent (yellow, pink, orange) which will transform your room in the blink of an eye.