Good combinations of white for decoration

Good combinations of white for decoration

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The white snow of January rubs off on our decor. The only difference is that inside, its natural shine and purity is found mixed with other nuances giving it a completely different face. Combinations which each affirm their style and awaken in us the desire for a little decryption.

White / warm color

The blanc de blanc is not always unanimous. Deemed too minimal and too refined, we prefer to wake it up with color. Color in the sense of a healthy glow: some cushions adorned with shimmering patterns, a collection of vitamin hats on the wall, flowering curtains ... The color, chosen in a warm shade and sprinkled here and there with small touches, brightens the space. Some even prefer to clearly balance the balance of white and color. With a section of wall painted yellow, they brighten up the living room. With a pink, red or plum sofa, they inject glamor and femininity. Using pastel textiles, they soften and warm its sobriety. It is up to us to decide at what dose we wish to prescribe it for our living rooms!

White / cool color

Another possibility for white? Combine with a cool color to reinforce the character of the interior. Consequently, its role changes. Preserving a certain amount of light and clarity in the home becomes its primary function. So, whether you dare a dark gray, indigo blue or wenge color wall section, you make sure to minimize the darkness of the house by leaving carte blanche!

White black

In any color chart, the other non-color echoing white is black. And begins an interminable game of opposites, at the same time timeless, irresistible and chic. Opting for this binomial in front of monochrome white means favoring graphics, character and relief. It remains to determine the mood! Are you more "black & white" between an attraction for design and chic attitude or rather black and white like art gallery or photo gallery? Are you more in touch with black lines and geometric patterns on white and white on black or rather attracted by the retro spirit of tapestries and checkerboard tiles? You choose…


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