Video: pruning an olive tree

Video: pruning an olive tree

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If among your plants there is an olive tree, do you know that it is strongly advised to prune it every year? Like many shrubs, the olive tree sometimes has to get rid of its old shoots to better hire new ones. Philippe Brun, gardener, enlightens you on the pruning method of this particular plant. Follow his advice, on video!

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Prune your olive tree

The olive tree creates shoots and therefore fruits to protect themselves from the sun. Trimming it therefore comes down to exposing it to light and forcing it to develop. This is where size comes into its own. To carry out this operation, take a pruning shears that you will have taken care to disinfect so as not to carry any diseases. Always start by pruning your olive tree from the bottom, and finish at the top. The main objective is to bring the sun inside. However, be careful not to inflict too vigorous a size on it. Philippe's technique is to imagine a sparrow inside your plant. No space is larger than this little bird.

Anticipate regrowth

The pruning of the olive tree is done in advance. This means that the result is visible the year after the operation, while your shrub is growing again to protect itself from the sun. You now know how to prune an olive tree and make it more fruitful. Note that you can ignore this size and consider it only as a pleasure tree, but the olive tree prefers to be maintained to have fruit. In addition, it will only make it more graceful! Find How to maintain an olive tree on Produced by Minute Facile.