How to waterproof a terrace?

How to waterproof a terrace?

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Answer: the technique is simple provided that the different stages are well observed.

To waterproof a terrace, you must use a water and oil repellent product. You will find it commercially under the name of water repellent putty. It is effective with all types of non-cracked porous materials: concrete, stone, tiles, etc. The first step is to thoroughly clean the patio with high pressure water, for example. Then use a cleaning and degreasing product. If moss or lichen remains, apply an algaecide directly to the area to be treated, then allow the product to dry. In the latter case, wait a month before applying the putty to see the moss and lichen disappear. Spread the waterproof sealant on your dry terrace. You can use a brush or a roller. If your floor is uneven, prefer a wide brush. Do not rinse after application. You too, send us your DIY question.