Gardening book: "The roses"

Gardening book: "The roses"

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Passionate about roses? This little book will make you dream. We love roses for their fragrance, the sweetness of the petals, the diversity of colors ... With this very complete book, prepare yourself for a trip to the land of the queen of flowers. The first part is devoted to the technical aspects: how to choose a rosebush, when and how to plant it, what to do with a bouquet of roses, what are the main diseases and insects that can infest your roses, how to maintain and prune a potted rose? So many questions to which the author answers in a clear and precise manner. Then, the book dwells on the different types of roses: bush roses, shrubs, vines, vines, landscaped for old roses and modern varieties. The old roses are those cultivated until 1900-1918. Old roses, unlike modern varieties, are known for their fragrance. After the two world wars, gardeners and rose growers wanted to develop new techniques to improve the flowering period or the search for new varieties. We then discover hybrid varieties where the colors mix to obtain unique flowers. More than 130 varieties of roses are thus described: size of the plant, characteristics of the flowers, needs of the rose bush ... You will thus master the gestures of the gardeners. Belle Isis, Colette, Douceur Normande, Neige d'Avril, Vent d'été and their friends will have no secrets for you! After leafing through this book, only one desire, to go to a rose garden! The book concludes with a small address book of places where you can admire the most beautiful roses. Roses by Nadia de Kermel Editions Solar / Variations garden collection March 2012/95 pages / € 9.95 Also discover Roses by Natalia Fedeli and Fabio Petroni - at Prisma Edition


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