Video: woody table decor between chic and natural

Video: woody table decor between chic and natural

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Back to the very essence of a 100% natural decor. A philosophy that even gains tableware. Natural materials, gray accessories, crockery and wooden cutlery, tinted black glasses… Discover on video how to set up a table mixing chic and nature spirit.

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The guideline: mix materials, patterns and natural colors with gray accessories to bring to the table, chic in all simplicity, unexpected chic. First, we dress the table with kraft paper before placing a table runner printed with wooden logs. The decor is then warmed up using wooden plates, which will contrast boldly and elegantly with glitter / silver plates, tinted black glasses and gray napkins. We then reconnect with the spirit of nature thanks to wooden cutlery, gray candlesticks, wooden logs scattered loose on the table and skewers of rattan balls to place on plates. It remains to distribute imposing candles here and there, to light them and admire the end result, half-natural, half-refined! Shopping Table runner Julfint, IKEA Chandelier Gaspar, ALINEA Cotton flat plates, ALINEA Cotton dessert plates, ALINEA Mango wooden plates, ALINEA Styling and staging: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi