Video: a cocooning centerpiece in chalet style

Video: a cocooning centerpiece in chalet style

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Just as table decorations in summer are highly colored, table decorations in winter are highly cocooning. The Aquarelle floral brand has just delivered one of its magical recipes to create a very chic centerpiece, inspired by the chalet style, simply breathtaking!

Watch the video :

video id = "0" / Level: easy Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 35 € Necessary material : Paperwhite daffodils + silver brunia + blue / gray coniferous branches + wood shavings + gray felt roll + pin beads + cotton + water glasses


- Wrap strips of felt around the glasses, pulling the felt well - Fix it with 3 pearl pins like a neck warmer - Repeat for the remaining 3 glasses - Then pour the water in the glasses - Cut the daffodils so that they barely protrude from the glasses, do the same for the silver brunia - Repeat the operation with branches of blue / gray conifers - To finalize the centerpiece , customize candlesticks with cotton - Stretch it out to make it more malleable and arrange it around the candle holder from top to bottom - Finally place wood shavings inside the candle holder to accentuate the chalet side… Decorative tips: to wrap the felt like a scarf, choose water glasses rather than verrines. The "felt" effect will only be valued! Flowers and creation: Watercolor