Mistakes to Avoid in Open Space Offices

Mistakes to Avoid in Open Space Offices

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An office in open space, it does not fit out and it is not decorated lightly! The objective: that all those who share this open space feel good there to work. To reach it, you still have to avoid certain choices…

Error 1: choose bright, dark or daring colors for the walls

The power of colors is considerable in decoration since it clearly influences the general atmosphere of a space. In a work place established in open space, bright colors (like a red or a toned orange) are to be banished because the energy and the peps that it releases is anything but conducive to concentration. Dark shades, because they reduce the brightness of the place, are also not recommended. As for the offbeat colors (neon pink, vintage green ...), at the risk of not being unanimous, they are also to be avoided. Instead, we prefer boilerplate, neutral and soothing shades, such as white, taupe and pastel colors!

Mistake 2: making fun of the sound insulation

In an open space, no question of leaving soundproofing in the background. And for good reason, noise is the number 1 disturbing element in open offices! Result, so as not to hear the comings and goings of each other (especially if the fairer sex wears heels), we line the carpet floor. Side walls, we prefer insulating panels! Thus, everyone's telephone conversations will sound less.

Mistake 3: isolating yourself behind large storage spaces

Learning to focus in a completely open space is a constraint of open space. But this is not a reason to wall behind large storage! The spirit of "community" work would no longer make any sense. The solution ? Define your space with personal objects, a wall decoration and mid-height storage that does not destroy the room.

Error 4: visually obstructing the space

Another problem of open space: the impact of our small businesses on our colleagues. In fact, the heap of documents, books and mail can sometimes overflow onto the neighbor's office and / or obstruct his visual field. Space pollution to be urgently avoided so as not to deteriorate our working conditions and those of our colleagues! Long live good habits as well as furniture (preferably closed to hide the mess) and accessories dedicated to storage!

Mistake 5: not thinking about the location of the offices

The layout of offices in an open space deserves a little thought. According to the principles of Feng Shui, it would be wrong to place some with your back to the windows or behind a door, because the feeling of imprisonment and of a visual field disturbed by entrances and exits impairs reflection ...

Mistake 6: furnishing the premises without worrying about combining the practical with the pleasant

The choice of furniture is a detail ... which matters. Take the example of furniture with sharp angles and strict lines. If they can completely invest in any open space, they do not contribute to making the space warm, in which case it would be more preferable to furniture with rounded corners. On the practical side, bulky and massive pieces of furniture are no match for light and easily movable pieces of furniture. These adapt more effectively to the needs and developments of open space ...