Comptoir de famille, above all a family story

Comptoir de famille, above all a family story

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Charming our daily lives with furniture and objects that take us back in time is the key to Comptoir de famille's success. Dedicated to a particular love for the decorations of the houses of the time, its co-founders managed, in the space of 30 years, to transmit the passion that animated them: to go in search of lost decorations. Reportage.

A family adventure

Comptoir de Famille is above all the story of a brother (Philippe Mauran) and a sister (Isabelle Mauran) sharing the same affection for the objects of yesteryear. Together, they created the Prim'Style company in 1980 in the city of their childhood, La Tour-du-Pin, nestled in the heart of Isère: 12 years later, the Comptoir de famille brand was born. Philippe takes care of product development, Isabelle of creation, and her husband (Patrick Rupé) who joined them in the meantime, takes over the general management. Little by little, the collections, imbued with charm and nostalgia, emerge. The adventure "Comptoir de famille", is beautiful is well launched, and this is only the beginning…

The brand's DNA

From the start, the brand's DNA has remained intact: its flagship concept targets furniture, objects and household linen evoking the sweetness of life in interiors of yesteryear, that of family homes and country houses. Result: all the ranges offered by the brand are imbued with the flea market spirit, the style of trade furniture or retro inscriptions (both for a "bistro" kitchen furniture, as for a candle called "baked apple") . In short, the idea is to stroll through its stores as we would in a garage sale, in search of rare finds, objects that make us sketch a smile or plunge us back into our childhood!

The collections

In terms of collections, we find linen as well as furniture, earthenware and glassware, decorative items and home fragrances and more recently, even garden furniture. Concretely, we find there for example retro patterned plates for the dining room, dish cloths like pie molds for the kitchen, a Vichy tile light fixture for the living room, charming cushions for the bedroom or a bench seat in wrought iron for the garden! Yes, the decorative offer proposed by Comptoir de Famille is irresistible for a nostalgic soul and to meet all needs and desires, it is extra large. Extra large, but also and above all qualitative. Indeed, reconnecting with the furniture and decoration of yesteryear, involves both making solid furniture made to last and often handcrafted creations, guarantees of quality!

A flourishing success

While the Comptoir de famille ranges have grown, stores have started to flourish, first in Paris, then throughout France. Today, the starting trio, Patrick Rupé, Isabelle and Philippe Mauran, are at the head of around thirty of them, not to mention the independent shops in which their products are sold. A great adventure and a real success for those who have succeeded in transmitting their passion for the decorations of family homes of the past ... To discover all the Comptoir de Famille collections, visit: www.comptoir-de-famille. com