Home automation, towards more comfort and simplicity in our homes

Home automation, towards more comfort and simplicity in our homes

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Our homes are more and more "technologically advanced"! The computer, electronic and home control mix can be summed up in one word today: home automation. Home automation is the feat of making all the desired elements communicate with each other and successfully controlling them manually from the same workstation, or better yet, programming automatic controls. With one objective: to make life more pleasant in the home.

Domotization over the years

During the 80s, the need for comfort in our homes increased around central positions such as security, light or insulation. The motorized house was born: shutters, blinds, gates, garage doors discovered the motors. In the 90s, we talk about an automated house! The planning of certain actions has become possible: opening of the shutters at a given time, switching on of the lights when passing nearby… And the alarms which go hand in hand with remote monitoring. Since the 2000s and with the development of the internet, we have been talking about remotely controllable houses. The automations are programmable and controllable from a computer.

From "smart home" to "smart home"

We no longer speak of "intelligent house" but of "intelligently designed house". Home automation becomes an obedient servant more than an autonomous servant. It provides additional comfort and simplification of daily tasks. It adapts, changes and completes the evolution of our desires and those of those around us! It is a technology that can be easily managed with the computer world and which, in fact, integrates fully into our habitat. More than just lighting or a few scenarios, this is the whole of building technology that you can manage! Starting with your heating and managing energy costs.

What will be home automation tomorrow?

If home automation has not yet fully succeeded in breaking through today, it is mainly due to the lack of information on the part of companies but also due to the financial cost. Home automation retains an image of "luxury", expensive, while it has become much more accessible in recent years. And it is a safe bet that the home automation of tomorrow will be a better way of living with comfort, security and simplicity.