What color should I associate with my baptism decoration?

What color should I associate with my baptism decoration?

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In spring, the baptisms of newborns, babies and children bloom all the time. But before organizing the reception which will follow this beautiful event, it is still necessary to locate the color chart which will preside over the general decoration, at the table, in the living room and / or in the garden, to mark the blow and delight the guests. Small overview.

Pastel color code

The pastel palette is ideal for decorating a baptism. Normal, its fresh, tender and spring colors evoke at the same time delicacy, gluttony and light humor. Like a perfect reflection of the universe of childhood, between tenderness, cheerfulness and candor! It remains to choose which of these shades called "softness" will decorate the decor. Tradition has it that boys' baptisms are tinted more blue or even pale green (cloud blue, sky blue / jade green, opaline green), while in girls, the safe bet remains, not surprisingly, pink (pink powdery, dragee pink), sometimes replaced by violet (lotus violet or marshmallow violet). However, nothing prevents us from mixing several pastel shades together to gently duplicate the healthy glow effect. How? 'Or' What ? With delicacies nicely presented on high trays or cake servers: macaroons with lemon, strawberry, vanilla and pistachio flavors, and cupcakes with icings of all kinds. With dishes in mismatched colors on a white tablecloth background: satin pink plate for one, light yellow for the other, light green for the next, and so on. All accessorized objects in the same tones (vases, garlands, place cards ...) and the soft pastel look, but so chic, will certainly fascinate all guests.

White color code

White is the color of marriage, but also that of baptisms. We never tire of propelling it on the tableware, on lighting, on decorative banners, on linens, on floral arrangements to celebrate this event! The good idea if we start with a pure white decor? Bet on the effects of materials. This bias will give more volume and warmth to the whole and focus on every little detail. So, if the table is made of linen, you don't hesitate to wrap your glasses and cutlery with lace strips. In the same way, the chairs are styled with an organza knot. We also put on bucolic place cards, like roses in which we stuck a label bearing the inscription of the names of the guests. Above, we drop a sky of Japanese paper lampshades while on the table, the porcelain rubs shoulders with the transparent containers welcoming sugared almonds. Note that one or two subtle touches of color are not to be avoided, on the contrary. A branch on which false blue, pink, yellow or purple butterflies are attached, or a simple table runner decorated with flashy embroidery, will wake up the dose of pep that was lacking in the final atmosphere… Now, it's up to you decide! But before, here is a mini slideshow to get inspired again and again: