When can you challenge a building permit?

When can you challenge a building permit?

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Answer: in the event of foreseeable nuisance or non-compliance with the urban plan.

The building permit issued by the municipal authorities can be challenged, that is to say, one can question and have its validity examined. It is possible to contest the building permit for three months from its issue for the administration, and two months for any third party having an interest in acting. If the competent authority recognizes the illegality of the building permit, it can then withdraw it. In general, it is the neighbors who can contest the building permit. The reasons may vary. The main ones are non-compliance with the town planning plan or the land use plan, or non-compliance with the regulations for the procedure for obtaining a permit. The opposition may also be linked to the completion of the work, if it does not meet the standards agreed in the building permit. Other reasons are encroachment on the public highway or on the property of others, excessive noise, odors. You too, send us your DIY question.