Blender Lagrange, a retro-futuristic side

Blender Lagrange, a retro-futuristic side

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Lagrange, a brand generally known for its user-friendly devices of the waffle or raclette type, has decided this year to expand its catalog by offering a blender. It looks like this is a test shot and Lagrange will perhaps offer us in the coming months small household appliances like immersion mixers or even a robot, why not? But before making plans on the comet, let us return to the product marketed today. It is therefore a blender called "Mixer". I admit that the name is surprising to say the least and that it will not help matters for the naming of products given my experience when we talk about this kind of device "When you talk about a mixer, you talk about your blender or your blender or your chopper? ". Everyone gets lost in general. Lagrange has chosen a difficult path with a surprising design which will undoubtedly divide consumers between two very distinct clans: the "I love" and the "I hate".

A vintage design blender

Obviously, I do my Swiss and I can't decide between stroke of genius and stroke of Trafalgar. This new blender obviously has a retro side in its lines with a trapezoidal base (well I think, my geometry lessons are so far…) and its dashboard with multiple buttons. It reminds me of these 60s devices that were playing the high-tech card without really knowing what high-tech meant. A blender ideal for boarding the Discovery One, the Space Odyssey ship in 2001!

Its functionalities

Available in three colors (white, red and black, the same colors as for the Super 2 waffle waffle maker), the Lagrange Mixer blender is distinguished by a dashboard with electronic screen and sensitive keys. This blender has 6 predefined modes to automatically adjust the power according to the preparation. Equipped with an electronic timer, you can also choose the mixing time: the device then counts down itself and stops at the end of the requested time. This timer is very practical in my opinion because most recipes with blender indicate precise mixing times and thanks to this system we no longer need to crane in front of his machine by counting!

A high-performance device

With its 10 speeds and its 1000 W motor which displays 22,000 rpm, this blender does not have to be ashamed on the performance side. For comparison, the Magimix blender has a power of 1200 W and that of KitchenAId 550 W. At Philips and Kenwood, I have not found blenders with equivalent power. The blender bowl is made of glass (phew!) With a capacity of 2 liters with 1.5 l useful (never overfill your blender!) And the knife is a 6-pointed star shape. Finally Lagrange offers us a little something extra since the blender also comes with a mini glass chopper for herbs, onions and dried fruits. In summary, given the technical characteristics and benefits, this blender seems to keep its promises on paper. For the moment, I do not yet have a knowledge of the prices and I have found this product only in cream color on Amazon at a price of € 90 which, in my opinion, will be the selling price generally observed. Failing to see it completely therefore, I do not dispute it since the quality / price ratio seems justified, once again on paper. Lagrange, blender "Mixer", 609004 (white), 609002 (red) and 609003 (black), assumed price: 90 €