Tokyo garden furniture by Carrefour

Tokyo garden furniture by Carrefour

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Sunny days are coming back… and outdoor furniture ideas too! Carrefour presents Tokyo, a contemporary garden furniture in trendy colors and fully modular. The steel, aluminum and braided resin fiber structure has been designed for maximum strength and weather resistance. Easy to assemble and store, the tray assembly system is done with a simple clip allowing to move to two, four, six places ... to infinity. On the maintenance side, the back cushions are fully removable and the table top in wood imitation resin offers great resistance outdoors. What if you take advantage of long moments of relaxation thanks to unique seating comfort? The Tokyo 2-seat lounge is made up of a rectangular table 110 x 60 x 72 cm with a wood-imitation resin top, two armchairs 60 x 54.5 x 83 cm with 100% polyester seat cushions 200g / m², blue cushions and protective cover included. A value of 249,90€, it is guaranteed for 2 years.



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