Game of Thrones style decor

Game of Thrones style decor

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We talk about it everywhere, the Game of Thrones (or Game of Thrones) series is a huge success! American television series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, this series is drawn from the literary saga of George R.R. Martin. The story describes the conspiracies and rivalries that take place within the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns, where the royal families fight to seize the Iron Throne, symbol of absolute power. Between political and psychological intrigue, living characters and a hint of fantasy, Game of Thrones is a real phenomenon!

The armchair

Because in the series, we are fighting over the Iron Throne, an armchair in the Baroque style would be welcome in your decoration. The queen armchair, proposed by Romantic Line, in black fabric is a must in your Game of Thrones decor. It has a beautiful finish with a wooden frame and an embossed fabric, it can be arranged as well in a baroque style living room as in a bedroom.

The candlestick

The candles, which have gradually given way to electric lamps, have not lost their charms. If you want a romantic or baroque atmosphere, the chandelier is for sure, the right accessory to choose! The chandelier from the LAPONIE collection of the Jardin d'Ulysse boutique, offers one of a bleached gray metal with very Scandinavian looks. Candlestick, tealight holder for a sober and elegant decoration!

The hairdresser

For your bedroom, choose an original and bright Baroque style with an ivory Baroque vanity unit and its matching padded stool that we found at Maison du Monde. Swim in full romanticism sitting in front of this wooden dressing table with rounded shapes surmounted by an elegant bedroom mirror. A large shelf for your toiletries, a comfortable cushion lining the stool, this bedroom storage unit will seduce you with its magical spirit.

The mirror

We love this oval mirror, from Zenna, in wood painted in a deep and matt black. A bull's-eye spirit, a classic scroll shape modernized by the color, thickness and texture of the border. A baroque, graphic mirror to place in a living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom!


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