Water is dripping under the air conditioning outdoor unit. How to do ?

Water is dripping under the air conditioning outdoor unit. How to do ?

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Answer: clean the hose and dust the air conditioning regularly.

The flow of water under the outdoor unit of your air conditioning is a completely normal phenomenon, resulting from natural condensation caused by the difference in temperature of the air in the unit. The production of water is even a sign of proper functioning of your air conditioning. Logically, the air conditioner has a drain hose which is responsible for continuously expelling this water. The hose is surely blocked. In this case, clean it. It is also to avoid this kind of problem that it is recommended to regularly dust the air conditioning, otherwise the pipe becomes dirty over time. Anyway, don't worry, it is by no means the refrigerant that is in your device in the form of gas. You too, send us your brico question



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