What colors should be given for a decorative terrace?

What colors should be given for a decorative terrace?

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Depending on the ambiance you want to bring to your terrace, you will not choose the same color combinations! Also, whether you want a design style, nature or pop, we give you the right combinations to adopt to be at the top of the decor!

The colors of a designer terrace

Your terrace style, you see it rather refined with very designer furniture and an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful architect houses on the heights of Los Angeles. So to infuse this chic and cutting edge look into your terrace, colors count as much as the terrace itself. You will indeed have to bet on a combination of chic colors that highlights your furniture. So start by creating a case for the latter by daring a fairly dark soil. You can bet on tile or composite wood in a black or gray shade. Another option, you can also choose a concrete covering that will ensure the design aspect. Then place furniture that meets your floor by opting for black models that you will combine with other white for a very graphic style. Finally, to give character to the whole, do not hesitate to add a few pots of red flowers. The tone is set !

The colors of a nature terrace

For you, the terrace is more a way to reconnect with nature by taking advantage of an outdoor space. For a natural terrace, the essential color is obviously green. But not only ! We associate it with a whole range of natural colors ranging from brown to gray to beige. So we start by choosing a floor covering that sports this color palette. You can opt for fake grass, beige stone or wood for its indisputable nature aspect. In terms of furniture, we will focus on wood that is accessorized with beige or taupe textiles. And for the accessories, we can use different shades of green which will create a very natural atmosphere.

The colors of a pop terrace

At home, the terrace is above all a space for celebration and good humor! And this translates into a playful pop style whose color palette is very wide provided it is lively. For your terrace, you will therefore opt for a blank backdrop that will be the scene of your colorful decoration. So you can choose a dark floor with black tiles that will bring out the bright colors, but you can also bet on a wooden covering that will soften the colors without devaluing them. For garden furniture, we play with the chromatic circle and we do not hesitate to mix many bright colors in a color block way. Orange and pink become a shocking duo and red and yellow create a festive atmosphere. Our advice: opt for a colored table and use chairs in different colors. Finally, on the accessories side, again you can have fun. Remember to keep a certain harmony with the garden furniture. Finally, note that white accessories can breathe on the terrace while enhancing the furniture.


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