Cuisinart now grills barbecue version

Cuisinart now grills barbecue version

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Still not very popular in France, the Cuisinart brand is very popular in the United States where it originates. The irony is that, precisely, Cuisinart is of French inspiration since its inventor, Carl Sontheimer, was a true lover of France and wanted to offer American cooks tools worthy of French haute cuisine. In France, the brand is supported by Paul Bocuse, of which he has been the godfather for almost 30 years, and yet the brand remains fairly confidential. This may change this summer since Cuisinart is now tackling gas barbecues by launching a whole range made up of 4 rather high-end gas barbecues. As with all of its products, Cuisinart relies on an all-stainless aesthetic that evokes robustness and elegance.

Cuisinart Nomade BQ400E

This nomadic version with two feet fitted with castors offers a double stainless steel burner for a power of 3.6 kW. The enamelled cast iron cooking grate has a surface of 35x46 cm and is suitable for 8 people. The temperature can be adjusted and checked on the stainless steel cooking lid. Cuisinart, Nomade BQ400E gas barbecue, € 349

Cuisinart Gourmet BQ600E

In a more imposing version, this Cuisinart barbecue is this time equipped with three independent burners for a power of 11.5 kW in order to cover a 48x56 cm cooking surface (12 people) composed of 2 cast iron cooking grates enamelled. Cuisinart, Gourmet BQ600E gas barbecue, € 599

Cuisinart Gourmet BQ800E and Cuisinart Gourmet BQ900E

You will understand the principle, the more you go down the bigger it is. The Gourmet BQ800E has a cooking surface of 68x48 cm, a power of 21.8 kW and three cooking grids. It also has three independent double burners as well as an ignition system, a roasting pan and side stove. As for the Gourmet BQ900E, we are at the behemoth level with 4 double burners, inter-ignition system, roasting pan, side stove, a power of 26.4 kW and a cooking surface of 80x48 cm (18 people) on 3 cooking grids. Cuisinart, Gourmet BQ800E gas barbecue, € 999 Cuisinart, Gourmet BQ900E gas barbecue, € 1399 What type of barbecue should you choose? There are three main ones: charcoal, electric or gas barbecues. Find the one that suits you thanks to our price comparison.