Goodbye to the kitchen, the splashback bars become a storage support!

Goodbye to the kitchen, the splashback bars become a storage support!

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Last scoop in the running: the splashback bar leaves the kitchen. The cause of this rupture occurring after years of common life? The big spring cleaning. Since their meeting, they spin the perfect love. Monsieur would have made her discover new horizons, making her travel to other parts of the house. Of course, being covered in jewelry, shoes, bags and hats is more glamorous than whips, ladles and knives! Meet the new credenza bar…

A credenza bar in the bedroom

You wonder what the room could do with credenza bars! Well imagine several of them making the wall next to the dressing room or the dressing table corner. With or without hooks, they accommodate all the small fashion accessories from our wardrobe that we want to highlight: long necklaces, sunglasses, gloves, ties, hats or bags! In short, 100% chic.

A credenza bar in the entrance

In the entry, the principle is the same. Attached solo or in series to the wall, the credenza bars accommodate everything that tends to hang around. The scarves and scarves are easily rolled up, the pumps perch there by the heel, the keys hang there with hooks and the jackets make their nest there thanks to pretty hangers. Original, right?

A credenza bar in the bathroom

On the bathroom side, the credenza bars play the towel rack. But you can also hang on it (always using hooks), storage baskets. To keep hair dryers, brushes, scrubs and care creams close at hand, the storage system is perfect!


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