Mistakes to avoid with a decorative gift

Mistakes to avoid with a decorative gift

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Giving a gift can be an unnamed puzzle. And with the advent of decoration, we are tempted to offer to turn to decoration. Tablecloth, vase, candles, dishes, cushions, accessories there is something for all budgets. But beware, there are certain situations where it is better to avoid offering a decorative gift. Here is a list of the 7 mistakes to avoid ...

Do not offer a decorative gift to a rack

Attention danger ! Nowadays it is rare to have nothing when you settle down. So to avoid duplicates, ask before giving a gift to someone who settles. Instead, wait for the second visit, the first will have served as a guide.

Do not bring decorative gifts to people you don't know very well

It is difficult to bring back a gift when you do not know the person. The decor often comes at the top of the list. However, be careful, everyone's tastes and colors are not the same. So to avoid the diplomatic incident, prefer traditional gifts: flowers, chocolates, bottle of wine or other delicacies will always please.

Do not self-declare responsible for a decorative gift

Everyone's tastes being different, it will be difficult to please everyone. The best thing is to be on the other side and be one of those who offer 10 ideas per second.

Do not offer decorative gifts to someone who knows exactly what they want

Unless you have an incredible stroke of luck, you will have a 9 in 10 chance of falling next to the coveted object. It is best to ask the main interested party clearly, the model, the color, the dimensions, the brand. Everyone will be happy. The person will have the gift they dream of and you will have saved yourself time.

Don't give a specific track when you know exactly what you want

What a disappointment to open this beautiful package that makes you eye and discover that inside a completely different object awaits you. However, you said that you wanted a new table service with chic ethnic patterns! Yes but your great-aunt, she translated ethnic chic by African. It's your fault, when we know what we want, we say it clearly!

Don't ask for a gift voucher

The best way is to ask for a gift voucher at the time of your purchase. Because everyone has the right to make mistakes. And this error can be quickly remedied with this famous voucher which allows the person receiving the gift to exchange! A diplomatic way to please everyone.

Do not choose a neutral object

And if you really are offering a decorative gift in a group, to a person you barely know and who is celebrating his rack, know that it is better to choose a neutral object, than too connoted. Know that the Scandinavian trend plays in your favor. Simple shapes, colors combining with all the hues of the chromatic spectrum and terribly decorative, will surely be without fail for your new friend.