Mistakes to Avoid with TV

Mistakes to Avoid with TV

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In many homes, television is at the heart of the living room and brings the whole family together for moments of conviviality. So to choose your television well and to use it well in your living room, here are some mistakes to avoid with the screens.

Don't buy an oversized TV screen

You may not know it, but the screen size should in principle be calculated based on the distance between the television and the sofa where the viewer will be installed. If you therefore want to install a television against a wall located at a distance of 2.5 meters, you will choose a screen of 81 cm diagonal because it takes three times the diagonal of the screen to get the ideal distance. If your room is small, no need to start buying a very large TV. Besides the ideal technical aspect for the view, also know that it is recommended to choose a television that is in harmony with the rest of your room. This will be the case if you respect the rule of the diagonal x3.

Do not install the TV in any room

Even if there is a tendency to multiply screens in the house, it is not recommended to place a television in the bedroom. Indeed, the waves emitted by the television even after turning it off can disturb sleep. In addition, to better rest, it is better not to fall asleep with the TV or watch it just before bedtime. By not placing a television in the bedroom you keep the ritual necessary for sleep and thus avoid sleeplessness. However, if you place a screen in the bedroom, you will be able to hide it by installing it, for example, in a closet that you can close: the screen will disappear when sleeping.

Don't underestimate comfort

When placing your television in the kitchen or even the living room, think about your comfort first! For example, it will be rather unpleasant to watch television while having to turn your head or if the latter is too far in the room. It is therefore necessary that the installation of the television in relation to your sofa is consistent to offer you maximum comfort. In addition, remember not to install the TV in front of a window: the sun and the brightness could hinder the quality of the image (it will then be necessary to lower the shutters or the blinds).

Don't neglect the TV stand

Finally, consider installing your television on a dedicated piece of furniture or, failing that, a piece of furniture that allows you to have the TV at the right height. This piece of furniture should also allow you to store all the equipment that accompanies a television. The simplest ? Opt for a cabinet with doors that will accommodate and hide DVD players and other Internet boxes. In addition, check that the cabinet has a cable gland to facilitate the installation of your multimedia equipment. Also be aware that your TV stand can be transformed into a storage unit thanks to models that integrate very practical shelves and drawers.


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