The joints of an old window leak and leave brownish marks. What can I do ?

The joints of an old window leak and leave brownish marks. What can I do ?

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Answer: it is necessary to change the sealant

Sinking seals are the visible consequence of a sealing problem between the frame and the glass. This can happen when the windows are old and occasionally in the event of a manufacturing defect on certain recent models. First, gently scrape the drips with a razor blade, for example, to avoid scratching the glass. You must then clean the glass and the wood with acetone or white spirit to degrease the supports before installing a silicone seal which will hold the assembly and prevent other leaks. If your windows have glazing beads, you can also decide to remove them and dismantle the glasses in order to put back a foam seal, but this long and delicate work requires some experience to avoid breaking the glasses. You too, send us your brico question


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