Color on the floor is possible!

Color on the floor is possible!

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Tired of your sadly colored floors and want a more dynamic decor? The good news is that there are solutions that will allow you to color your floor and make it more cheerful!

Colored traditional floors

To boost the decor of your interior, some traditional coatings are available in original colors. Also, to give a little color to your interior, just change your coating for a bolder model. The carpet is for example available in many colors ranging from red to pink through yellow and vinyl flooring also have an extensive color range to put a good mood in your rooms and create a bold decor. Another possibility, be aware that cement tiles can create real frescoes on your floor with cement tiles that have very bright colors and even patterns. What brighten up your floor with originality!

Floor paints

And to customize your already existing floors, know that you can also count on paint! It is of course necessary to use a special floor paint and apply an undercoat beforehand to guarantee the adhesion of the support. Then, creativity is yours: you can either paint everything in one color or have fun creating colorful shapes to highlight certain parts of the floor. Why not create a carpet using paint? The good news is that Little Greene has just released a floor paint that can be applied to wood, concrete and even tiling and is available in 160 colors to match all of your decorating desires!