Garden book: Jane Packer's floral art class

Garden book: Jane Packer's floral art class

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Jane Packer, a famous London florist, reveals her secrets to creating sumptuous floral arrangements.

Bouquets for all occasions

Floral art class immerses us in the world of florists. Thanks to the advice of Jane Packer, you will be able to make simple and sumptuous floral arrangements that will amaze your guests. Thanks to the three themes "flowers to offer", "flowers for the house" and "flowers for the holidays", the flower arrangements will have no more secrets for you. From the classic flat bouquet to the colorful centerpiece, including the bouquets in a flared vase and the floral garlands, discover an anthology of bouquets. For each bouquet, the author details the different stages to be followed, the necessary supplies, step by step images and examples of different presentation with similar bouquets but composed of other flowers. Thanks to the clear explanations, the book is aimed at both novices and experts. Flower and decoration lovers are not left out because the bouquets are highlighted by the magnificent photos of Paul Massey. To finish in style, the book concludes with ideas for compositions for weddings: bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, chair decoration and buttonhole.

Advice from a pro

Floral art class gives us sound advice for successful beautiful bouquets. Among these many tips, we learn that you have to choose flowers whose buttons are still closed and whose leaves are still rigid and that if there are large veins on the petals of certain flowers such as roses, it is a sign of dehydration. In addition to shopping advice, find out how to take care of your bouquets and choose a vase suitable for your flowers. Jane Packer also explains to us how to mount a flower on a wire like a florist. At your pruning shears, you will be able to compose your own bouquets now! Jane Packer's floral art class Editions of Saxony 160 pages / 2009 / 24.50 €