Which sofa to choose in a living room ?

Which sofa to choose in a living room ?

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Question from Jérôme:


Answer: it all depends on the circulation in the room

Hello Jérôme, your 13 m² living room is already well occupied by television, a 1.5 m bar and a large picture window, I advise you not to overfurnish the room if not with a small coffee table and decoration accessories. For the sofa, prefer a model with armchairs in order to better adjust the space by changing the place of the armchairs as needed. A corner sofa still allows good circulation in the room, it will not seem massive. Choose a simple and plain fabric for the covers so as not to overload the room too much. Plain, the fabric can, of course, have a discreet and elegant tone-on-tone pattern. You too, send us your decoration question