Video: install a drip irrigation system

Video: install a drip irrigation system

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Summer is approaching and like many, you will definitely go on vacation. Consequently, your plants will find themselves alone when they will need regular watering so as not to succumb to drought. If your neighbor is unable to provide you with this service, then your last hope certainly resides in the installation of an automatic watering system. Philippe Brun, gardener, dwells on a drip watering system, which he explains the installation and operation. Follow his advice, on video!

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The heart of the installation

To start, let's start from the heart of our installation: the programmer. The latter can operate with batteries, or with a timer. In all cases, it must be attached to your tap, and allows you to program the start time as well as the duration of watering. Another essential element: the pressure reducer. Indispensable, it properly regulates the water in your pipes, and allows you not to inflict too much flow on them which could damage them. It is installed at the start of the main pipe (the largest). For your convenience, please follow the advice on the product packaging. Generally, they are simple and well illustrated.

Pipes and their ramifications

Unwind the main pipe in the middle of the space you want to water (garden, rose garden, vegetable garden, etc.). It will be the starting point for the thinner secondary pipes. To do this, punch the main pipe directly, using the small tool provided, and use the attachment system to join the two pipes. Often, the connection is built in a T, and therefore allows you to make two ramifications in the directions you want. You now know how to install an automatic drip irrigation system. The installation method is really simple, and it gets the water exactly where you want it, eliminating any waste. Thanks to this, you will be able to be absent for a few days, and hunt the memory of the dried plants on your return from vacation. Find Install drip irrigation on Produced by Minute Facile.