Video: how to re-seal your bathtub?

Video: how to re-seal your bathtub?

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Have your neighbors below noticed water infiltration at the location of your bathtub? Your bathtub gasket is moldy, and you would like to change it? Laid Azzi, from, enlightens you on the technique to use to re-seal your bathtub.

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Remove the worn seal

The first step in replacing the tub seal is to remove the faulty seal. To do this, use a special tool sold in DIY stores. First detach the seal, then scrape it off. Then do not hesitate to use a cutter blade long enough to unhook any silicone residue still present in the interstices.

Clean the edges of the bathtub

Before installing the new seal, it is essential to thoroughly clean the surface on which it will be installed. Start by wiping down with a piece of paper all the remaining silicone. Then use a slightly damp sponge to finish cleaning.

Apply the new seal

When the surface is well cleaned, prepare the silicone. Carefully remove the cap with a utility knife. Place the cartridge in its holder, then screw on the nozzle sold with the cartridge. Remove the cap and cut the top of the tip at an angle, always with a craft knife. Then apply a regular bead all along the tub. To smooth this sausage, there are several solutions: use a special tool, dip your finger in dish soap or smooth with a potato. Once you have smoothed the joint with the solution of your choice, use a special tool to remove any irregularities. Let dry 12 hours. Thanks to Laid Azzi for her precious instructions on how to change the tub seal. Watch the video How to re-seal your bathtub? on Produced by Minute Facile.