4 creations with copper, to make yourself

4 creations with copper, to make yourself

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Copper is not only for piping! Indeed, with a little imagination, you can transform pipes into real original and personalized decorative accessories thanks to "do it yourself" (DIY) that we suggest you discover.

A decorative table with copper legs by Brittany Watson Jepsen

To make a pretty little table of the size and height you want, it's quite easy. You will need a medium board cut to the dimensions of your future table, paint, a metal cutter, a drill and a glue gun. You will customize the table top as you like and then you will proceed to assembly. Cut four equal pieces in the copper pipe at the height of your future table. Drill the medium so as to obtain a hole the diameter of the pipes. Apply glue in the holes and fix the pipes. Turn everything over and you will get a small table of your creation with original legs!

A copper credenza bar by Style Me Preppy

The credence bars are always very useful! But why buy one when you can create your own to the exact dimensions you need? So cut a copper pipe in the length you want. Bomb the copper fasteners such as the copper elbow and the washers in copper color and allow to dry. To give an aged color to the metal, use a mixture of salt, ammonia and lemon juice that you will spray on the metal and leave to act overnight. Attach the copper elbow to the wall washer and attach the elbows to the copper bar. Then, you just have to fix the whole to the wall and add hooks to be able to put down your accessories.

An industrial chandelier by Rebecca J. Murray

To create original candlesticks that bring a nice light to your room, simply cut the copper pipes to the desired dimensions (not too high anyway). Then, we use the same type of wall washer as for the splashback and we fix the copper pipe in the metal ring which is introduced into the washer. Then, all that remains is to insert a candle into the copper pipe to obtain an industrial-inspired candlestick.

A bohemian chime for the garden by Chica and Jo

To offer an original atmosphere to your garden, you can play with a chime which will distill a certain sound magic thanks to its original sounds. To create a chime, bring copper tubes, a little string and a wooden base. Cut seven copper pipes in different sizes. You can for example cut your smallest model and add a centimeter to the largest and continue. Drill two holes at one end of the pipes so that you can hang them. Drill seven holes on the sides of your wooden base and three more holes in the center. Hang each tube by passing a string through the base and then through the tube. Then attach a smaller base to the remaining three holes and hang a small piece of wood hanging from the smaller base. To accentuate the sounds and the decorative aspect!